We help analysts analyst better.

Streamline organizing and extracting references from your research materials.

Curiocity is a new, purpose-driven platform focused on helping analysts organize their research material more effectively, with less effort, so they can spend more time on work that matters, delivering insights.

What are people doing now?

Huge volume of material to track

50 - 500 reference documents per report

URLs stored in browser bookmark folders

20 - 100 URLs per report

Time consuming labeling and sorting of documents

Lists of documents tracked in Excel files

Significant overhead unrelated to core work

Lack of a cohesive, integrated tool focused on extracting details during deep report-writing work

Intuitive Organization & Advanced Search

Simplify your workflow with Curiocity's automatic labeling and advanced search capabilities.Effortlessly manage a variety of research materials and find exactly what you need with filters tailored to financial analysis.

Enhanced Efficiency & Accuracy

Optimize your research process for better outcomes. With integrated citation management, Curiocity ensures accuracy while saving you time on every report.

Secure Cloud Storage

Access your research securely, anytime and anywhere.Our cloud storage features robust access controls and encryption, safeguarding your valuable information.

At Curiocity, we believe in removing friction from knowledge work.
We are on a mission to remove 1 billion lifetimes' worth of non-value added work.

Please reach out to learn more.Early adopters and pilot partners not only help shape the platform, they receive priority support and discounts at launch.

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